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Administrative interface builder for Laravel

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Laravel 5 Admin Module

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Note: if you are looking for the version for Laravel 4.2 check out laravel-4.2 branch.

SleepingOwl Admin is administrative interface builder for Laravel.

It includes:


  1. Require this package in your composer.json and run composer update (or run composer require sleeping-owl/admin directly):

    "sleeping-owl/admin": "2.*"
  2. After composer update, add service providers to the config/app.php

  3. Add this to the facades in config/app.php:

    'Admin'				=> 'SleepingOwl\Admin\Admin',
    'AdminAuth'			=> 'SleepingOwl\AdminAuth\Facades\AdminAuth',
    'AdminRouter'       => 'SleepingOwl\Admin\Facades\AdminRouter',
    'AssetManager' 		=> 'SleepingOwl\Admin\AssetManager\AssetManager',
    'Column'   			=> 'SleepingOwl\Admin\Columns\Column',
    'FormItem' 			=> 'SleepingOwl\Admin\Models\Form\FormItem',
    'ModelItem'			=> 'SleepingOwl\Admin\Models\ModelItem',
    'Form'      => 'Illuminate\Html\FormFacade',
    'Html'      => 'Illuminate\Html\HtmlFacade',
  4. Run this command in terminal (if you want to know what exactly this command makes, see install command documentation):

    $ php artisan admin:install


Documentation can be found at sleeping owl documentation. You can also find it in the /src/docs directory.

Demo Application

View live demo.

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You can donate via PayPal or in BTC: 13k36pym383rEmsBSLyWfT3TxCQMN2Lekd

Copyright and License

Admin was written by Sleeping Owl for the Laravel framework and is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Administrative interface builder for Laravel

License:MIT License


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