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web application for visualization data from IoT Hub

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This repo contains code for a web application, which can read temperature & humidity data from IoT hub and show the real-time data in a line chart on the web page.

Browser compatible

Browser Least Version
IE 10
Edge 14
Firefox 50
Chrome 49
Safari 10
Opera 43
iOS Safari 9.3
Opera Mini ALL
Android Browser 4.3
Chrome for Android 56

Run a daemon application to send data to your IoT hub

You can refer the related lesson to run an daemon application, to send data to your IoT hub.

Add new consumer group to your event hub

Go to Azure Portal and select your IoT hub. Click Endpoints -> Events, add a new consumer group and then save it.

Deploy to Azure web application

Go to Azure Portal to create your own Azure web app service. Then do the following setting:

  • Go to Application settings, add key/value pairs Azure.IoT.IoTHub.ConnectionString and Azure.IoT.IoTHub.ConsumerGroup to App settings slot.
  • Go to Deployment options, set Local git repository to deploy your web app.
  • Go to Deployment credentials, set your deploy username and password.
  • In the Overview page, note the Git clone url.
  • Push the repo's code to the git repo url you note in last step.
  • After the push and deploy finished, you can view the page to see the real-time data chart.

Local deploy

  • Open a console and set the following environment variable:
    • set Azure.IoT.IoTHub.ConnectionString=<your connection string>
    • set Azure.IoT.IoTHub.ConsumerGroup=<your consumer group name>
  • npm install
  • npm start
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web application for visualization data from IoT Hub

License:MIT License


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