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fix: namespace injected theme CSS custom properties

darrylnoakes opened this issue · comments

Currently, properties for the theming of the in-page interface are injected into the page without any namespacing of any kind.
E.g. :root { --background: #000; }.
This breaks pretty much anything that uses the same names.
It's fine for a site to have them un-namespaced, but an exte Sion injecting them shouldn't interfere with a page.

Please namespace them using an id/class or prefix them.
E.g. #omni-extension-root { --background: #000; } or :root { --omni-background: #000; }.
The prefix would work, but there would still be potential for naming collisions. Prefer the id/class namespacing if possible.

I currently can't use Omni because of this issue. If you resolve it, I will continue using Omni. Thanks!


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