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[Suggestion] Suggestion in search result

quyctd opened this issue · comments

Thank you for creating a great tool. I fall in love with it right after the first try.

I think the tool can be better if directly showing the search suggestion in the results. Like the way we search in the Chrome address bar.
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 15 47 37

Not sure is it possible, but I think it'll be very helpful :D

Yeah I could add a pseudoelement to show the suggestions inline.

The problem though is with the current set up. Right now the first result is a search action for your query, whatever it is. Should the order be switched and have the first entry be the best match from within Omni's results?

I think the best match show first will be better; then the second is my search query

I think the best match show first will be better; then the second is my search query

To be clear, best match within tabs / bookmarks / actions... and not best match as in the same autofill suggestion in Chrome's omnibar? I don't think I can make it autofill like in the image above, I could do so for websites (using the browser history), but for specific search queries I would need to use Google's API directly.

Might want to see what people think about this specifically though before making any changes.

Here is my idea:

Normally, if I type to the search box, I prefer the best match in all cases, including tabs/bookmarks/actions/history/search, etc. But it may hurt the performance, I think.

If I know that I want to search, I think a shortcut like /s or /search will be helpful. Like the way you're currently allowed for /tabs, /actions.

I could look into it. I just don't want it to conflict with #40 and and #25. I guess if the input is a URL the top action could be to open it, otherwise only show actions within the Omni? I guess I could move search into its own command, true.

Yes, I think if the input is URL, then opening it makes sense.

In my case, I usually do not type the entire URL, mainly using some first letter and waiting for the suggestion, so I think we can count it as 2 separate use cases.

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