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[BUG] Autofocus and omnibox not working on Atlassian Jira

gsabater opened this issue · comments

Looks like when im in jira I can open the omnibox normally with the shortcut, but the input has no focus at all.
Clicking the input has no effect, and I can't write at all on that page.

Clicking items work as expected, so i can change tabs, the problem is just on the input field

Hmm, I've just tried to use Jira with Omni and it seems to work fine - any specific page you're trying to use it in?

You are right, it's not on every page.
The problem is specifically on a kanban project while the task card is open. I can't give you more detailed screenshots than this for privacy, sorry


Opening the omnibox manually with the extension icon has the same behaviour, I guess its not something related to the keybind used to open it


Can confirm I'm seeing the same behaviour. It also stops the search functionality working.

Hmm I can't find a way to fix this. I've tried a million different things, it seems to be a javascript thing (no CSS appears to be conflicting with the input), but I've listened to possible blur / focusout events and there were none. I just got the focus event on the input and that was it.

Would appreciate any ideas - otherwise I might look into putting the whole omnibox inside an iframe to prevent it from conflicting with any page.

Welp, I tried a few things. You are completelly right that this isn't a css thing. I tried to focus the input both with jquery and vanilla js and the event is obliterated by some external JS.

I thought that maybe replacing the element after the dom is loaded and the page is renderer with something simple but effective like element.outerHTML = element.outerHTML; might clean all DOM events, but for some reason is not working either.

The only reference I have been able to find to something that could prevent the focus from happening is this

Hint to a solution is that jira uses this specifically
Which is causing issues with focus scope

Ended up doing a bit of a focus fight - I installed the library and I managed to keep the focus on Omni. Should be working fine in the latest version!

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