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[Suggestion] Discord community?

yoroshikun opened this issue · comments

Would be great to have a discord community just so that people who have questions, support or want to discuss, do not need to have a Github account, and instant messaging is always better for organization over forum based

Just throwing out the thought!

Could be interesting, I'm just no good at communities haha. I also don't know if the extension is big enough to warrant such a thing. Would like to know what people think!

Looks at the 700+ stars! this is gaining popularity fast if you ask me!

people who have questions, support or want to discuss, do not need to have a Github account

yes, they instead would need a Discord account 🤦
and now you added discord moderator to the maintainer's job list

people who are techie enough to follow links on chrome plugin store more than likely already have a github account, or at the very least – fully capable of creating one

there is a repo tab literally called discussions for forum-esq interactions

Essentially the difference is instant communication and file sharing in a group.

You are incorrectly assuming that people who read the products readmes (either here or any other place this product has been posted) have an GitHub account. Statistically this is improbable in terms of numbers.

Please do not deprive the average user from support if they do not have a GitHub account.

The correct approach is to have as many mediums to communicate. Additional channels are never a bad thing. Discord was just one of many, but I find the best and most used with developer communities.

there is a repo tab literally called discussions for forum-esq interactions

I also did say that the issue is to have alternative to forum esq interactions and allow for instant messaging communication

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