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๐Ÿ˜‰ Pretty nice Zookeeper GUI, Support Win / Mac / Linux Platform

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PrettyZoo is a GUI for Zookeeper created by JavaFX and Apache Curator Framework.

You can download and install at Release, support

  • Windows (msi)
  • Mac (dmg)
  • Linux (rpm & deb)

If you see PrettyZoo is damaged in Mac

you can see the solution in issue-219

  1. run the follow command
sudo spctl --master-disable
  1. open System Preferences->Security & Privacy, select anywhere
  2. run the follow command
xattr -rc /Applications/
  1. Enjoy it


    • Support i18n (V1.9.0+)
    • terminal highlight
    • global font size change (v1.6.0+)
    • node data highlight (V1.7.0+)
    • migration UI library to Jfoenix ( V1.8.0+)
    • zookeeper monitor
    • log dashboard (v1.9.3)


  1. Multi zookeeper server manage
  2. Support real-time node synchronize
  3. Support ACL
  4. Support SSH tunnel
  5. Support config export / import
  6. Support node create / search / update / delete
  7. Support terminal operation
  8. Support JSON / XML data pretty format
  9. Support node data hightlight ( Json / Xml / Properties )
  10. Support reconnet zookeeper automatic


See wiki: build yourself


  • over view

  • server info

  • node data highlight

  • node info

  • node add

  • node search

  • terminal

  • 4-letter


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๐Ÿ˜‰ Pretty nice Zookeeper GUI, Support Win / Mac / Linux Platform

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Java 95.4%Language:CSS 4.2%Language:ANTLR 0.4%