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Run cargo commands in vim

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Run cargo commands in vim and tmux using vimux.


This plugin currently assumes you have a module named tests in the current file and that modules are not nested.

Add something like this to your ~/.vimrc or inside ~/.vim/ftplugin/rust.vim if you want only use this mapping with files that have the rust filetype.

map <Leader>rc :wa<CR> :CargoRun<CR>
map <Leader>ra :wa<CR> :CargoTestAll<CR>
map <Leader>rb :wa<CR> :CargoUnitTestCurrentFile<CR>
map <Leader>rf :wa<CR> :CargoUnitTestFocused<CR>


  • CargoRun - run the project, currently this assumes there is only one binary
  • CargoTestAll - run all tests
  • CargoUnitTestCurrentFile - run the whole test module in the current file
  • CargoUnitTestFocused - find the first test above your current line and run that test

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Run cargo commands in vim


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