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Various PowerShell functions and scripts

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Various PowerShell functions and scripts. These are published as WFTools on the PowerShell Gallery (thanks to @psrdrgz for the idea!)

Two functions have been migrated to their own repositories to simplify and enable improved collaboration. Copies remain here for historical purposes and may be updated:


These files contain functions. For example, Invoke-Sqlcmd2.ps1 contains the Invoke-Sqlcmd2 function.

    # PowerShell 5, or PackageManagement available?
    Install-Module WFTools -Force
    Import-Module WFTools
    Get-Command -Module WFTools
    Get-Help ConvertTo-FlatObject -Full

    # Alternatively:
    # Download and unblock the file(s).
    # Dot source the file(s) as appropriate.
    . "\\Path\To\Invoke-Sqlcmd2"

    # Use the functions
    Get-Help Invoke-Sqlcmd2 -Full
    Invoke-Sqlcmd2 -ServerInstance MyServer\MyInstance -Query "SELECT ServerName, VCNumCPU FROM tblServerInfo" -As PSObject -Credential $cred | ?{$_.VCNumCPU -gt 8}

Note: Using Import-Module to load these functions will break certain scenarios for Invoke-Parallel's variable import (details) - dot source the function if you need this.

TechNet Galleries Contributions

Many of these functions started out in the Technet Gallery. You might find more context at these links.


Would love contributors, suggestions, feedback, and other help!

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Various PowerShell functions and scripts

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