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A unified form representation in Dart used at Very Good Ventures πŸ¦„

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A unified form representation in Dart. Formz aims to simplify form representation and validation in a generic way.

Create a FormzInput

import 'package:formz/formz.dart';

// Define input validation errors
enum NameInputError { empty }

// Extend FormzInput and provide the input type and error type.
class NameInput extends FormzInput<String, NameInputError> {
  // Call super.pure to represent an unmodified form input.
  const NameInput.pure() : super.pure('');

  // Call super.dirty to represent a modified form input.
  const NameInput.dirty({String value = ''}) : super.dirty(value);

  // Override validator to handle validating a given input value.
  NameInputError validator(String value) {
    return value?.isNotEmpty == true ? null : NameInputError.empty;

Interact with a FormzInput

const name = NameInput.pure();
print(name.value); // ''
print(name.isValid); // false
print(name.error); // NameInputError.empty
print(name.displayError); // null

const joe = NameInput.dirty(value: 'joe');
print(joe.value); // 'joe'
print(joe.isValid); // true
print(joe.error); // null
print(name.displayError); // null

Validate Multiple FormzInput Items

const validInputs = <FormzInput>[
  NameInput.dirty(value: 'jan'),
  NameInput.dirty(value: 'jen'),
  NameInput.dirty(value: 'joe'),

print(Formz.validate(validInputs)); // true

const invalidInputs = <FormzInput>[

print(Formz.validate(invalidInputs)); // false

Automatic Validation

class LoginForm with FormzMixin {
    this.username = const Username.pure(),
    this.password = const Password.pure(),

  final Username username;
  final Password password;

  List<FormzInput> get inputs => [username, password];

void main() {
  print(LoginForm().isValid); // false
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A unified form representation in Dart used at Very Good Ventures πŸ¦„

License:MIT License


Language:Dart 100.0%