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With the GUI (rr.exe), you no longer have to select a profile; instead, select the hive to parse, and the output directory, and the GUI will automatically run all applicable plugins against the hive.

This capability is included in rip.exe, as well, via the '-a' switch. As an alternative, you can use the '-aT' switch to run all hive-specific TLN plugins against the hive. The ability to run individual plugins, as well as profiles, has been been retained, as well. You can see other options available by typing 'rip' or 'rip -h' or 'rip /?' at the command line.

Date Format - There was a GitHub issue posted, asking that the date format be changed to be IAW ISO 8601. However, the actual format provided as part of the issue/request was IAW the RFC 3339 profile (i.e., space between the date and time). *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601

NOTE This tool does NOT automatically process hive transaction logs. If you need to incorporate data from hive transaction logs into your analysis, consider merging the data via Maxim Suhanov's yarp + registryFlush.py, or via Eric Zimmerman's rla.exe which is included in Eric's Registry Explorer/RECmd at: *https://f001.backblazeb2.com/file/EricZimmermanTools/RegistryExplorer_RECmd.zip.

The following Perl module files have been modified, and the modified versions are provided as part of this repo: C:\Perl\site\lib\Parse\Win32Registry\WinNT\File.pm C:\Perl\site\lib\Parse\Win32Registry\WinNT\Base.pm C:\Perl\site\lib\Parse\Win32Registry\WinNT\Key.pm

If you're using the Windows EXE versions of the tools, this is irrelevant, as the modified files are "compiled" into the EXE. However, if you're installing on Linux, copy the files from the repo to the appropriate locations in your installation.

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