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AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x

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AdminLTE -- is a fully responsive admin template. Based on Bootstrap 3 framework. Highly customizable and easy to use. Fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. Check out the live preview now and see for yourself.

Live Preview: http://almsaeedstudio.com/preview/

Note: If the javascript in the preview does not work properly (specially IE users), please visit http://almsaeedstudio.com/AdminLTE (this could be because of the use of an iframe!)

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"AdminLTE Presentation"

AdminLTE has been carefully coded with clear comments in all of its JS, LESS and HTML files. LESS has been used to increase code customizability.


  • Check out the new updated dashboard!
  • Thanks to @hason for the great contribution, we now have a bower branch that supports Bower.js

Special Features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Enhanced for printing
  • Sortable dashboard widgets
  • 18 plugins and 3 custom plugins
  • Light weight and fast
  • Compatible with most major browsers
  • Full support for Glyphicons, Fontawesome and Ion icons

Featured Pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Mailbox
  • Calendar
  • Invoice
  • Lockscreen
  • Login
  • Register
  • 404 Error
  • 500 Error
  • Blank page

Featured Plugins:

  • Boostrap Slider
  • Ion slider
  • Bootstrap WYSIHTML5
  • CKEditor
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker
  • Bootstrap Date range Picker
  • Bootstrap Time Picker
  • Data Tables
  • Flot
  • Morris.js
  • Sparkilne
  • Full Calendar
  • iCheck
  • jQuery input mask
  • jQuery Knob
  • jVector Map
  • Slim Scroll
  • Pace
  • Bootstrap Social Buttons

Browser Support:

  • IE 9+
  • Firefox 5+
  • Chrome 14+
  • Safari 5+
  • Opera 11+

Change log:

ver 1.2:

ver 1.1:

  • Added new skin. class: .skin-black
  • Added pace plugin.

To Do List:

  • More features
  • Ajax version
  • More skins
  • Documentation

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AdminLTE - Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x


License:MIT License