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Demos and tutorials around Torch7.

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Demos & Turorials for Torch7.

All the demos/tutorials provided in this repo require Torch7 to be installed, as well as some extra (3rd-party) packages.



Follow instructions on: Torch7's homepage.

3rd-party packages

Different demos/tutorials rely on different 3rd-party packages. If a demo crashes because it can't find a package then simply try to install it using luarocks:

$ luarocks install image    # an image library for Torch7
$ luarocks install nnx      # lots of extra neural-net modules
$ luarocks install camera   # a camera interface for Linux/MacOS
$ luarocks install ffmpeg   # a video decoder for most formats
$ ...

A complete list of packages can be obtained by doing:

$ luarocks list

or checking out this page.




These demos were slowly put together by: Clement Farabet & Roy Lowrance and e-lab

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Demos and tutorials around Torch7.


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