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Simplified glue code generation for Deno FFI libraries written in Rust.

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This tool aims to simplify glue code generation for Deno FFI libraries written in Rust.


Annotate on top of Rust fn, struct and enum to make them avaiable to Deno.

// add.rs
use deno_bindgen::deno_bindgen;

pub struct Input {
  a: i32,
  b: i32,

fn add(input: Input) -> i32 {
  input.a + input.b

Invoke the CLI to compile and generate bindings:

$ deno_bindgen

And finally import the generated bindings in your JS

// add.ts
import { add } from "./bindings/bindings.ts";

add({ a: 1, b: 2 }); // 3


  • Install the deno_bindgen CLI with Deno.
deno install -Afq -n deno_bindgen https://deno.land/x/deno_bindgen/cli.ts

Add the following dependencies to your crate.

# Cargo.toml
deno_bindgen = "0.4.1"
serde = { version = "1", features = ["derive"] }

Change your crate-type to cdylib and set your package name as well.

name = "___"
crate-type = ["cdylib"]


Put #[deno_bindgen] on top of a "serde-deriavable" struct, enum or fn.

struct (named fields)

These transform into Typescript types.

// lib.rs
pub struct A {
  b: Vec<Vec<String>>,


// bindings/bindings.ts
export type A = {
  b: Array<Array<string>>;


Enums become type unions in Typescript.

pub enum Event {
  MouseMove {
    x: i32,
    y: i32,


export type Enum =
  | "quit"
  | {
    mouse_move: {
      x: number;
      y: number;


Functions are exposed through the FFI boundaries.

fn greet(name: &str) {
  println!("Hello, {}!", name);


export function greet(name: string) {
  // ... glue code for calling the
  // symbol.


  • Use #[deno_bindgen(non_blocking)] attribute to call symbol without blocking JS event loop. Exposed as an async funtion from bindings.

  • Rust doc comments transform to JS docs.

    pub struct Me {
      /// My name...
      /// ...it is
      name: String,


    export type Me = {
       * My name...
       * ...it is
      name: string;


The deno_bindgen CLI tool provides the following flags:

  • Pass --release to create a release build.

  • --release=URL will load library artifacts from a remote location. This is useful for updating bindings for end users after a release:

    deno_bindgen --release=https://github.com/littledivy/deno_sdl2/releases/download/0.2-alpha.1

    Under the hood this uses x/plug to fetch and cache the artifact.

  • Flags after -- will be passed to cargo build. Example:

    deno_bindgen -- --features "cool_stuff"


Simplified glue code generation for Deno FFI libraries written in Rust.

License:MIT License


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