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A REST API code generator from OpenAPI Specification in YAML or Json file format

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Atc.Rest.ApiGenerator netstandard2.1 Atc.Rest.ApiGenerator is a WebApi C# code generator using a OpenApi 3.0.x specification YAML file. References
References extended
Atc.Rest.ApiGenerator.CLI netcoreapp3.1 A CLI tool that use Atc.Rest.ApiGenerator to create/update a project specified by a OpenApi 3.0.x specification YAML file. Nuget

CLI Tools

REST API generator, please go to Atc.Rest.ApiGenerator.CLI

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Coding Guidelines

This repository is adapting the ATC-Coding-Rules which is defined and based on .editorconfig's and a range of Roslyn Analyzers.

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A REST API code generator from OpenAPI Specification in YAML or Json file format

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