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%% This file is a part of thailatex package

thailatex is a Thai package which enables typesetting Thai with LaTeX's 
standard document classes. It is meant to become a part of "babel", 
a multilingual package for LaTeX which supports a lot of non-American 

* Usage

In LaTeX2e, you can tell LaTeX that the document would be written in Thai by
using the "babel" package with "thai" option, as follows:


In case you want to use UTF-8 encoding, use the 'inputenc' package like this:


To use Thai fonts, such as "fonts-tlwg", just use the font package:


An example of using thailatex can be found in the file 'orchid.tex'.

If you patch babel.sty with the script sync-babel located in babel
directory distributed with the source. You may use babel as follows:



Note that option [thai] will be passed to babel after it is patched.
You may have to repatch babel.sty again if you reinstall LaTeX.

For more information, please visit:

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License:LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c


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