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An Astro site using XElement to recreate an embedded React app

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Rewriting a React App in XElement in Astro!

Join @sarah11918 and @aFuzzyBear as we slowly but surely recreate sBird as… xBird! Live in the Astro Discord

aFuzzyBear will stream his screen in the Astro Discord live chat channel, and Sarah will open and share a Gitpod Shared Workspace, so everyone who wants to do more than just watch the stream can be live in the code at the same time!


If you’d like to play along at home, you can choose:

start - starting point, nothing but a blank page for xBird

publish - the current state of the project, deployed on Netlify at xBird



This is a demonstration of building in an Astro website. XElement is exclusively for Astro.


eBird API

Please note: to develop this project locally, you will need an eBird API Key. In live remote sessions, Sarah’s API key will be available to the project.


You will need a free Gitpod account if you want to join the remote workspace and access the code in your web browser.

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An Astro site using XElement to recreate an embedded React app


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