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Astro Academy

Welcome to the Astro Academy, here we are seeking to build and open learning experience to help onboard new and existing web developers with the Astro Framework.

This project is currently a Work In Progress. It is at the very start of its germination phase, whereby we are currently working on the site, its components and the content that would be used.

We are committed to providing a free and valuable learning experience for as many as possible.

The Academy would be Astro centric also allowing for space to focus to the extrinsic areas of knowledge that would be required to become proficient at using Astro as a framework.

As the project grows we would be better able to provide more information about its progress along with with roadmaps, announcements, contributions guides etc.

We thank you for your interest at this present moment. If you are at all interested with this project, please do watch it on github.

Many thanks

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Language:Astro 33.0%Language:TypeScript 20.3%Language:JavaScript 17.1%Language:CSS 15.1%Language:SCSS 14.5%