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A simple, fast, and modern dApp for minting NFTs

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Next.js NFT Mint dApp

A simple, fast and modern dApp for minting NFTs.

Next.js NFT Mint dApp

This dApp is designed with the assumption that Hardhat NFT Smart Contract will be used for the backend. First you need to deploy the smart contract to get the contract address and ABI. Otherwise, the dApp will not work. If you want to use your own smart contract, manually set your contract addresses (config/contract-config.json) and ABI (config/abi.json). But in that case, it can be complicated because you need to modify the source code of the dApp (some function names, configurations, etc.).


1 . Clone this repo:

git clone https://github.com/kjmczk/nextjs-nft-mint-dapp.git

2 . Change into the directory:

cd nextjs-nft-mint-dapp

3 . Install dependencies:

npm install

4 . Set up the env files:

Copy the .env(.*).example files to .env(.*):

cp .env.example .env
cp .env.development.example .env.development
cp .env.production.example .env.production

Replace the values in the env files with yours as needed.

5 . Set up the config file:

Replace the values in config/contract-config.json with yours. This file is shared with the backend.

6 . Make an allowlist (if needed):

Include the applicable addresses in config/allowlist.json.

7 . Other settings:

  • Replace the images in public/assets/ with yours
  • Replace the favicon files in public/favicon/ with yours (Favicon Generator)
  • You can change the global background color and text color in pages/_document.tsx
  • You can set your own default styles for specific elements in styles/globals.css (Adding Custom Styles)

8 . Run the server:

npm run dev

Deploy your dApp

  • Vercel - The easiest way to deploy your Next.js app
  • Fleek - Deploy your sites & apps on IPFS

If you're deploying your dApp to Fleek, uncomment Loader Configuration in next.config.js.

Fleek may take some time for the images to appear after deployment.

Check out the Next.js deployment documentation for more details.


A simple, fast, and modern dApp for minting NFTs

License:MIT License


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