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An experimental decentralized art factory by Justin Roiland and Paradigm.

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Art Gobblers • CI

Art Gobblers is an experimental decentralized art factory by Justin Roiland and Paradigm.


Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory owned by aliens. As artists make cool art, Gobblers gains cultural relevance, making collectors want the art more, incentivizing artists to make cooler art. It's also an on-chain game.

See our overview of the system, as well as deep dives into some of the project's mechanisms, like GOO and VRGDAs.


Contract Mainnet Goerli
ArtGobblers 0x60bb1e2aa1c9acafb4d34f71585d7e959f387769 0x60bb1e2aa1c9acafb4d34f71585d7e959f387769
Pages 0x600df00d3e42f885249902606383ecdcb65f2e02 0x600df00d3e42f885249902606383ecdcb65f2e02
Goo 0x600000000a36f3cd48407e35eb7c5c910dc1f7a8 0x600000000a36f3cd48407e35eb7c5c910dc1f7a8

State Diagrams

Gobbler Lifecycle Legendary Gobbler Auctions Page Auctions


You will need a copy of Foundry installed before proceeding. See the installation guide for details.

To build the contracts:

git clone https://github.com/artgobblers/art-gobblers.git
cd art-gobblers
forge install

Run Tests

In order to run unit tests, run:

forge test

For longer fuzz campaigns, run:

FOUNDRY_PROFILE="intense" forge test

For differential fuzzing against a python implementation, see here.

Run Slither

After installing Slither, run:

slither src/ --solc-remaps 'ds-test/=lib/ds-test/src/ solmate/=lib/solmate/src/ forge-std/=lib/forge-std/src/ chainlink/=lib/chainlink/contracts/src/ VRGDAs/=lib/VRGDAs/src/ goo-issuance/=lib/goo-issuance/src/'

Update Gas Snapshots

To update the gas snapshots, run:

forge snapshot

Deploy Contracts

In order to deploy the art gobblers contracts, set the relevant constants in the DeployMainnet script, and run the following command(s):


forge script script/deploy/DeployMainnet.s.sol:DeployMainnet --rpc-url $RPC_URL --verify --etherscan-api-key $API_KEY

We use profanity2 to securely generate vanity addresses for the ArtGobblers, Pages, and Goo contracts. As a result, each of these contracts must be deployed using a unique private key. To simplify deployment, the deployment script ensures that only DEPLOYER_PRIVATE_KEY needs to be seeded with ETH, by automatically transferring 0.25 ETH from it to the other deployers before they are used.

To ensure security in case the private keys generated by profanity2 are compromised, the script immediately revokes GOBBLER_PRIVATE_KEY's ownership over ArtGobblers and transfers it to a configurable address. Pages and Goo do not grant any special authority to their respective deployers.


The following auditors were engaged to review the project before launch:


MIT © 2022 Art Gobblers


An experimental decentralized art factory by Justin Roiland and Paradigm.

License:MIT License


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