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Rethinking on Multi-Stage Networks for Human Pose Estimation


This is a pytorch realization of MSPN proposed in Rethinking on Multi-Stage Networks for Human Pose Estimation . In this work, we design an effective network MSPN to fulfill human pose estimation task.

Existing pose estimation approaches fall into two categories: single-stage and multi-stage methods. While multistage methods are seemingly more suited for the task, their performance in current practice is not as good as singlestage methods. This work studies this issue. We argue that the current multi-stage methods’ unsatisfactory performance comes from the insufficiency in various design choices. We propose several improvements, including the single-stage module design, cross stage feature aggregation, and coarse-tofine supervision.

Overview of MSPN.

The resulting method establishes the new state-of-the-art on both MS COCO and MPII Human Pose dataset, justifying the effectiveness of a multi-stage architecture.


Results on COCO val dataset

Model Dataset Input Size mAP
1-stg MSPN COCO val 256x192 71.5
2-stg MSPN COCO val 256x192 74.5
3-stg MSPN COCO val 256x192 75.2
4-stg MSPN COCO val 256x192 75.9
4-stg MSPN* COCO val 384x288 79.0
4-stg MSPN+* COCO val 384x288 80.0

Results on COCO test-dev dataset

Model Dataset Input Size mAP
4-stg MSPN COCO test-dev 384x288 76.1
4-stg MSPN* COCO test-dev 384x288 77.1
4-stg MSPN+* COCO test-dev 384x288 78.1

Results on MPII dataset

Model Dataset Input Size PCKh@0.5
4-stg MSPN MPII val 256x256 91.1
4-stg MSPN# MPII test 256x256 92.6


  • * means using external data.
  • + means using model ensemble.
  • # means using multi-shift test.

Repo Structure

This repo is organized as following:

|-- cvpack
|-- dataset
|   |-- COCO
|   |   |-- det_json
|   |   |-- gt_json
|   |   |-- images
|   |       |-- train2014
|   |       |-- val2014
|   |
|   |-- MPII
|       |-- det_json
|       |-- gt_json
|       |-- images
|-- lib
|   |-- models
|   |-- utils
|-- exps
|   |-- exp1
|   |-- exp2
|   |-- ...
|-- model_logs
|-- README.md
|-- requirements.txt

Quick Start


  1. Install Pytorch referring to Pytorch website.

  2. Clone this repo, and config MSPN_HOME in /etc/profile or ~/.bashrc, e.g.

export MSPN_HOME='/path/of/your/cloned/repo'
  1. Install requirements:
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  1. Install COCOAPI referring to cocoapi website, or:
git clone https://github.com/cocodataset/cocoapi.git $MSPN_HOME/lib/COCOAPI
make install



  1. Download images from COCO website, and put train2014/val2014 splits into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/COCO/images/ respectively.

  2. Download ground truth from Google Drive, and put it into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/COCO/gt_json/.

  3. Download detection result from Google Drive, and put it into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/COCO/det_json/.


  1. Download images from MPII website, and put images into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/MPII/images/.

  2. Download ground truth from Google Drive, and put it into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/MPII/gt_json/.

  3. Download detection result from Google Drive, and put it into $MSPN_HOME/dataset/MPII/det_json/.


Download ImageNet pretained ResNet-50 model from Google Drive, and put it into $MSPN_HOME/lib/models/. For your convenience, We also provide a well-trained 2-stage MSPN model for COCO.


Create a directory to save logs and models:

mkdir $MSPN_HOME/model_logs


Go to specified experiment repository, e.g.

cd $MSPN_HOME/exps/mspn.2xstg.coco

and run:

python config.py -log
python -m torch.distributed.launch --nproc_per_node=gpu_num train.py

the gpu_num is the number of gpus.


python -m torch.distributed.launch --nproc_per_node=gpu_num test.py -i iter_num

the gpu_num is the number of gpus, and iter_num is the iteration number you want to test.


Please considering citing our projects in your publications if they help your research.

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And the code of Cascaded Pyramid Network is also available.


You can contact us by email published in our paper or fenglinglwb@gmail.com.


Multi-Stage Pose Network


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