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SatoshiLabs Improvement Proposals

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SatoshiLabs projects need a way how to document their technical decisions and features. For some of them Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) is not a right place because their range and implications are outside of the scope of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

SLIP repository is an extension to Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) process and contains the documents that are unsuitable for submission to BIP repository.

Each SLIP should provide a concise technical specification of the feature and a rationale for the feature.

Number Title Type Status
SLIP-0000 SLIP Template Informational Accepted
SLIP-0010 Universal private key derivation from master private key Standard Draft
SLIP-0011 Symmetric encryption of key-value pairs using deterministic hierarchy Standard Draft
SLIP-0012 Public key encryption using deterministic hierarchy Standard Draft
SLIP-0013 Authentication using deterministic hierarchy Standard Draft
SLIP-0014 Stress Test Deterministic Wallet Informational Draft
SLIP-0015 Format for Bitcoin metadata and its encryption in HD wallets Standard Draft
SLIP-0016 Format for password storage and its encryption Standard Draft
SLIP-0017 Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman using deterministic hierarchy Standard Draft
SLIP-0018 reserved (CoSi) Standard Draft
SLIP-0019 Proof of Ownership Standard Draft
SLIP-0020 Proof of User Confirmation Standard Draft
SLIP-0032 Extended serialization format for BIP-32 wallets Standard Draft
SLIP-0039 Shamir's Secret-Sharing for Mnemonic Codes Standard Draft
SLIP-0044 Registered coin types for BIP-0044 Standard Draft
SLIP-0048 Deterministic key hierarchy for Graphene-based networks Standard Draft
SLIP-0132 Registered HD version bytes for BIP-0032 Standard Draft
SLIP-0173 Registered human-readable parts for BIP-0173 Standard Draft

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SatoshiLabs Improvement Proposals

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