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TERRA Foundation Reward Distributor

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Reward Distributor

TERRA Foundation Reward Distributor

This repository is built to distribute all foundation rewards to validator and delegators on terra network.


npm run build
npm start


npm start -- lcd= log=prod output=./unsigned.json

It requires active lcd url to get reward information.

It will make unsigned transaction output file (default ./unsignedTx.json)


For Both

terracli tx distr set-withdraw-addr --withdraw-to terra1437zllxmq9gag8acyt56rk7dkyrd2zvk9ts02p --from {both} --chain-id columbus-2 --gas-prices 0.015uluna --gas 18000

For Foundation Validator

terracli tx distr withdraw-rewards --validator {validator} --from {validator} --commission

For Foundation Delegator

terracli tx distr terracli tx distr withdraw-all-rewards --from {validator} 


TERRA Foundation Reward Distributor


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