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Cosmos Hub Upgrade 1

Transfer enablement

According to governance proposal #3 and #5, the state of the cosmoshub-1 chain was exported at block 500.000 and migrated to cosmoshub-2 using this guide.

$ shasum -a 256 genesis.json
1e349fb39b85f7707ee78d39879f9d5d61f4d30f67980bb0bf07bd35b2f8bf30  genesis.json
$ b2sum genesis.json
1910abe394fc80e0e4ebc7d9388219363a94cf67bc19544f6bd33e01f5afbf38282e832ae321ba62cfd201179febf9b4a7380c7e4a1b1dabaf85ce2649831e24  genesis.json

Cosmos Hub Launch

This is the Interchain Foundation's recommendation for the Genesis Block Release Software and marks the initiation of phase one of the Cosmos Hub launch.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee a network will start from this recommendation - nodes and validators may never come online, the community may disregard the recommendation and choose different genesis files, and/or they may modify the software in arbitrary ways. Such outcomes and many more are outside the Interchain Foundation's control and completely in the hands of the community.

The recommended genesis file is genesis.json. It has the following SHA256 hash:

$ shasum -a 256 genesis.json 
73a866b21723ecbc28b6d15951b2eb3aa2f2443650ff6df489bf55ac5edceefa  genesis.json
$ b2sum genesis.json 
8c90b58efe9e0959953fe27ba431137c24c514e357b8025f5252c85ea7401247a909fac95313b907bb48579c6e389b4bbf06df626bff19aae554028964fa189d  genesis.json

It includes a genesis time of 2019-03-13 23:00:00 UTC. Please read for details on how it was generated and to recompute it for yourself.

The recommended software version is v0.33.0 of the Cosmos-SDK. See the installation instructions and the guide to joining mainnet.

Users wishing to interact with the network should carefully review how to protect themselves and the security advisories in the recent blog post on preparing for main net launch.

Please note that this is highly experimental software. In these early days, we can expect to have issues, updates, and bugs. The existing tools require advanced technical skills and involve risks which are outside of the control of the Interchain Foundation and/or the Tendermint team (see also the risk section in the Interchain Cosmos Contribution Terms). Any use of this open source Apache 2.0 licensed software is done at your own risk and on a “AS IS” basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind, and any and all liability of the Interchain Foundation and/or the Tendermint team for damages arising in connection to the software is excluded. Please exercise extreme caution!

Further, please note that it remains in the community's sole discretion to adopt or not to adopt the recommended Genesis Block Release Software. Therefore, the Interchain Foundation cannot guarantee that (i) ATOMs will be created and (ii) the recommended allocation as set forth in will actually take place. The recommended Genesis Block Release Software has no support for interoperability (IBC), and the Atoms will not be transferable.

Seed Nodes

We request known community members who wish to run public p2p seed nodes make pull requests to add community run seed nodes below.

Seed nodes

- `3e16af0cead27979e1fc3dac57d03df3c7a77acc@` - Bison Trails
- `` - Certus One
- `2626942148fd39830cb7a3acccb235fab0332d86@` - syncnode
- `3028c6ee9be21f0d34be3e97a59b093e15ec0658@` - syncnode
- `89e4b72625c0a13d6f62e3cd9d40bfc444cbfa77@` - Cryptium Labs (@adrianbrink, @awasunyin, @cwgoes)
- ``


It's happening!


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