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Cosmos SDK


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The Cosmos-SDK is a framework for building blockchain applications in Golang. It is being used to build Gaia, the first implementation of the Cosmos Hub.

WARNING: The SDK has mostly stabilized, but we are still making some breaking changes.

Note: Requires Go 1.13+

Quick Start

To learn how the SDK works from a high-level perspective, go to the SDK Intro.

If you want to get started quickly and learn how to build on top of the SDK, please follow the SDK Application Tutorial. You can also fork the tutorial's repo to get started building your own Cosmos SDK application.

For more, please go to the Cosmos SDK Docs

Cosmos Hub Mainnet

The Cosmos Hub application, gaia, has moved to its own repository. Go there to join the Cosmos Hub mainnet and more.


This Cosmos-SDK project is not related to the React-Cosmos project (yet). Many thanks to Evan Coury and Ovidiu (@skidding) for this Github organization name. As per our agreement, this disambiguation notice will stay here.

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:chains: Blockchain Application Framework :sparkles:



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