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FAQ's & Updates Installation Use of the Proxmark
What has changed? Setup and build for Linux Compilation Instructions
Development Important notes on ModemManager for Linux users Validating proxmark client functionality
Homebrew (Mac OS X) & Upgrading HomeBrew Tap Formula First Use and Verification
Proxmark3 GUI Setup and build for Windows Commands & Features
Issues Blue shark manual
Donations Maintainers Command Cheat sheet
Advanced compilation parameters More cheat sheets
Troubleshooting Complete client command set
JTAG T5577 Introduction Guide

Notes / helpful documents

Notes on UART Notes on Termux / Android Notes on paths
Notes on frame format Notes on tracelog / wireshark Notes on EMV
Notes on external flash Notes on loclass Notes on Coverity Scan Config & Run
Notes on file formats used with Proxmark3 Notes on MFU binary format Notes on FPGA & ARM
Developing standalone mode Wiki about standalone mode Notes on Magic cards
Notes on Color usage Makefile vs CMake Notes on Cloner guns
Notes on cliparser usage Notes on clocks

Build for Proxmark3 RDV4

See the instruction links in the tables above to build, flash and run for your Proxmark3 RDV4 device.

Build for generic Proxmark3 platforms

In order to build this repo for generic Proxmark3 platforms we urge you to read Advanced compilation parameters

With generic Proxmark3 platforms we mean:

  • RDV1
  • RDV2
  • RDV3 easy
  • Proxmark Evolution (needs extra care)
  • Radiowar black PCB version
  • Ryscorp green PCB version
  • Ryscorp Pm3Pro
  • VX
  • numerous Chinese adapted versions of the RDV3 easy (kkmoon, pisworks etc)

Note: About flash memory size of other Proxmark3 platforms. You need to keep a eye on how large your ARM chip built-in flash memory is. With 512kb you are fine but if its 256kb you need to compile this repo with even less functionality. When running the ./pm3-flash-all you can see which size your device have if you have the bootloader from this repo installed. Otherwise you will find the size reported in the start message when running the Proxmark3 client ./pm3.

What has changed?

On the hardware side:

  • added flash memory 256kb.
  • added smart card module
  • added FPC connector

On the software side:

quite a lot, see the Changelog file which we try to keep updated.


Note: This is a bleeding edge repository. The maintainers actively is working out of this repository and will be periodically re-structuring the code to make it easier to comprehend, navigate, build, test, and contribute to, so DO expect significant changes to code layout on a regular basis.

This repo compiles nicely on

Hardware to run client on

  • PC
  • Android
  • Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Nvidia Jetson Nano

Precompiled binaries

We don't maintain any precompiled binaries in this repo. There is community effort over at the Proxmark3 forum where @gator96100 has set up a AWS bucket with precompiled Proxspace (Mingw) binaries which is recompiled every night and with that also up-to-date. We link to these files here as to make it easier for users.

If you use his pre-compiled Proxspace binaries do consider buy him a coffee for his efforts. Remember nothing says thank you as good as a donation.

If you are having troubles with these files, contact the package maintainer @gator96100 and read the homepage of his proxmark builds or read the sticky thread at forum where known issues has been documented with regards to the precompiled builds.

Proxmark3 RDV4 devices

Generic Proxmark3 devices


The public roadmap is an excellent start to read if you are interesting in contributing.

👉 Remember! If you intend to contribute to the code, please read the coding style notes first. We usually merge your contributions fast since we do like the idea of getting a functionality in the Proxmark3 and weed out the bugs afterwards.

Issues & Troubleshooting

Please search the issues page here and see if your issue is listed in the first instance. Read the Troubleshooting guide to weed out most known problems.

Next place to visit is the Proxmark3 Forum. Learn to search it well and finally Google / duckduckgo is your friend :) You will find many blogposts, youtube videos, tweets, reddit

Offical channels

Youtube channels

Iceman has quite a few videos on his channel and Quentyn has risen up the last year with good informative videos. We suggest you check them out and smash that subscribe buttons!

if you think of some more good youtube channels to be on this list, let us know!

Cheat sheet

You can enjoy a command cheat sheet and we are trying to keep it updated. Thanks to Alex Dib!

Maintainers ( package, distro )

To all distro, package maintainers, we tried to make your life easier.

make install is now available and if you want to know more.

Proxmark3 GUI

The official PM3-GUI from Gaucho will not work. Not to mention is quite old and not maintained any longer.

The new Proxmark3 Universal GUI will work more or less. Change is needed in order to show helptext when client isn't connected to a device. We don't know how active the maintainers are. There has been brought to our attention that there is quite a few Chinese Windows GUI available. Usually you find them on alibaba / taobao ads but we have no idea which fw/client they are compatible with. Proceed with caution if you decide to go down that road.


Nothing says thank you as much as a donation. So if you feel the love, do feel free to become a iceman patron. For some tiers it comes with rewards.


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RRG / Iceman repo, the most totally wicked repo around if you are into Proxmark3


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