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MiFare Classic Universal toolKit (MFCUK)

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    autoreconf -is

Running (most basic):
    ./mfcuk -C -R 0:A -v 2

MiFare Classic Universal toolKit (MFCUK)

Mifare Classic DarkSide Key Recovery Tool (mfcuk_keyrecovery_darkside.c) (previously known as zv_mf_dark_side)

GPL. See MFCUK_LICENSE for more information.

BIBLIOGRAPHY (no specific order)
1. [WPMCC09] - "Wirelessly Pickpocketing a Mifare Classic Card"
2. [ESO08] - "2008-esorics.pdf"
3. [ESOSL08] - "2008-esorics-slides-updated.pdf"
4. [KON08] - "2008-koning-thesis.pdf"
5. [VER08] - "2008-verdult-thesis.pdf"
6. [PATMC] - "A Practical Attack on the MIFARE Classic.pdf"
7. [NCOURFIDSEC09] - "mifare_courtois_rfidsec09.pdf"
8. [MFCLTRB09] - "MifareClassicTroubles.ppt"
9. [TEEP08] - "p2008-teepe-classic_mistakes.pdf"
10. [RFIDSANJ] - "RFID Attacks_WCA_San_Jose.pdf"
11. [ROSS] - "rossum-mifare.pdf"
12. [PLOTZ08] - "SAR-PR-2008-21_.pdf"
13. [ROSSSASG] - "SASG35_Peter_v_Rossum_Mifare.pdf"
14. [DARK2009] - "THE DARK SIDE OF SECURITY BY OBSCURITY and Cloning MiFare Classic Rail and Building Passes, Anywhere, Anytime"

KUDOS and HATS-OFF to (no specific order) (for all the knowledge, time spent researching and all the things)
 - blapost@gmail.com - this man is a genius and a technical artist. crapto1 3.1 is the horse power of this tool. PS: you somehow resemble I.C.Wiener anonymous&smart hacker
 - Roel and RConty @ libnfc/proxmark - these guys are true advisers, helpful. Thanks for providing a powerfull platform for NFC
 - N.Curtois - also a crypto-artist in differential analysis. The 29bit prefix attack is pure genius of theoretical analysis.
 - RU University Staff for working out different aspects and papers for Crypto1 analysis
 - Nohl, Plotz, Evans - how the "F" did you get those slicers and microscopes :))?
 - Milosch M et al. - for pushing the limits for open-source hardware (OpenPCD and OpenPICC)
 - Jonathan Westhues - for giving the open-source community the: Proxmark schematics/sources and RFID knowledge
 - Nethemba team - for first open-source/GPL nested authentication attack key recovery implementation in MFOC
 - hat, schwa226, pgrahamm, marcus2608, phadom - for useful samples, advices, traces and all the things
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MiFare Classic Universal toolKit (MFCUK)

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:C 95.8%Language:Python 2.6%Language:M4 0.9%Language:Makefile 0.5%Language:Shell 0.2%