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A build plugin to integrate Gatsby seamlessly with Netlify

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Netlify Build plugin Gatsby – Run Gatsby seamlessly on Netlify

Essential Gatsby Plugin - v2 beta

This version of the Essential Gatsby build plugin is a beta release, supporting the new features of Gatsby 4 including the SSR and DSG render modes. For older versions of Gatsby, please use version 1.x of the build plugin, which is installed automatically for new Gatsby sites.


Installation and Configuration

There are three steps to enable support for Gatsby 4 in your Netlify site. This includes installing two plugins: a Netlify build plugin called "Essential Gatsby Plugin", and a Gatsby plugin called "gatsby-plugin-netlify":

Install the Netlify build plugin

  1. Create a netlify.toml in the root of your project. Your file should include the plugins section below:
package = "@netlify/plugin-gatsby"
  1. From your project's base directory, add this plugin to devDependencies in package.json.
npm install -D @netlify/plugin-gatsby@^2.0.0-beta

Read more about file-based plugin installation in our docs.

Install the Gatsby Plugin

To use SSR pages you must install the beta version of gatsby-plugin-netlify:

npm install -D gatsby-plugin-netlify@next

Then add the following to your gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: ['gatsby-plugin-netlify'],

See the gatsby-plugin-netlify docs for more information, including optional plugin configuration.


Currently you cannot use StaticImage or gatsby-transformer-sharp in SSR or DSG pages. The best workaround is to use an image CDN such as Cloudinary or imgix to host your images. This will give you faster builds and rendering too.

Beta feedback

TODO: forums link

Local development

When developing Gatsby Functions it is usually easier to use the built-in gatsby develop functions server. However if you want to try the Netlify functions wrapper it will run via netlify dev. You should be sure to run netlify build first, so that the wrappers are generated and the functions copied across.

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A build plugin to integrate Gatsby seamlessly with Netlify


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