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A sandbox tower defense game

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A sandbox tower defense game written in Java.

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Bleeding-edge live builds are generated automatically for every commit. You can see them here.

If you'd rather compile on your own, follow these instructions. First, make sure you have Java 8 and JDK 8 installed. Open a terminal in the root directory, cd to the Mindustry folder and run the following commands:


Running: gradlew desktop:run
Building: gradlew desktop:dist

Linux/Mac OS

Running: ./gradlew desktop:run
Building: ./gradlew desktop:dist


Server builds are bundled with each released build (in Releases). If you'd rather compile on your own, replace 'desktop' with 'server', e.g. gradlew server:dist.


  1. Install the Android SDK here. Make sure you're downloading the "Command line tools only", as Android Studio is not required.
  2. Create a file named local.properties inside the Mindustry directory, with its contents looking like this: sdk.dir=<Path to Android SDK you just downloaded, without these bracket>. For example, if you're on Windows and installed the tools to C:\tools, your local.properties would contain sdk.dir=C:\\tools (note the double backslashes are required instead of single ones!).
  3. Run gradlew android:assembleDebug (or ./gradlew if on linux/mac). This will create an unsigned APK in android/build/outputs/apk.
  4. (Optional) To debug the application on a connected phone, do gradlew android:installDebug android:run. It is highly recommended to use IntelliJ for this instead, however.

If the terminal returns Permission denied or Command not found on Mac/Linux, run chmod +x ./gradlew before running ./gradlew. This is a one-time procedure.

Gradle may take up to several minutes to download files. Be patient.
After building, the output .JAR file should be in /desktop/build/libs/Mindustry.jar for desktop builds, and in /server/build/libs/server-release.jar for server builds.


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A sandbox tower defense game


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Java 99.1%Language:GLSL 0.8%Language:Shell 0.1%Language:Ruby 0.1%Language:Batchfile 0.0%