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recognize chinese and english without segmentation

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Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network in Tensorflow (tf.crnn)

this code is fork from https://github.com/solivr/tf-crnn and modified.

CRNN model in Tensorflow using Estimators

Implementation of the Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN) for image-based sequence recognition tasks, such as scene text recognition and OCR. Original paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.05717 and code https://github.com/bgshih/crnn

This version uses the tf.estimator.Estimator to build the model.


  • src/model.py : definition of the model
  • src/data_handler.py : functions for data loading, preprocessing and data augmentation
  • src/config.py : class Params manages parameters of model and experiments
  • src/decoding.py : helper fucntion to transform characters to words
  • train_info.py : script to launch for training the model, more info on the parameters and options inside
  • export_model.py: script to export a model once trained, i.e for serving
  • Extra : hlp/numbers_mnist_generator.py : generates a sequence of digits to form a number using the MNIST database
  • Extra : hlp/simple_generate_scene_text.py : generates Chinese and English text images
  • Extra : hlp/get_captcha.py : draws text to images
  • Extra : hlp/csv_path_convertor.py : converts a csv file with relative paths to a csv file with absolute paths

How to train a model

The main script to launch is train.py. To train the model, you should input a csv file with each row containing the filename of the image (full path) and its label (plain text) separated by a delimiting character (let's say ';') :

/full/path/to/image1.{jpg,png} string_label1
/full/path/to/image2.{jpg,png} string_label2

For example launch the script using :

python3 train.py -g 1 -ft train_data.csv -o ./export_model_dir


  • tensorflow (1.3)
  • tensorflow-tensorboard (0.1.7)
  • tqdm
  • json
  • glob


recognize chinese and english without segmentation

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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