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Yet another Instagram bot with Instapy

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Yet another Instagram bot with Instapy


  • Selenium + webdriver for Firefox
  • Firefox
  • Python
  • Instapy


  • Install Selenium:
    pip install selenium

  • Install geckodriver (webdriver for Firefox):
    Download the latest version from their official repository
    tar -zxvf geckodriver-v0.27.0-linux64.tar.gz
    sudo mv geckodriver /usr/local/bin
    chmod +x geckodriver

  • Install Firefox:
    sudo apt install firefox

  • Install & update Instapy:
    pip install instapy
    pip install instapy -U

  • Modify Instapy to accept cookies:
    Lately, there's been a change on Instagram's login page, and calling the login function from instapy doesn't work anymore because the cookies are missing. Here you can find a temporary solution. In case you use linux, you can locate the Python Instapy directory using the comand find.

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Yet another Instagram bot with Instapy