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ArchGuard 前端部分 - 架构评估、架构适应度函数展示、依赖展示等。

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ArchGuard Frontend

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Node.js version: 16.x

Tech decision (framework)

  • language:TypeScript
  • framework:React, UMI
  • graph engine:
    • Antv/g6 for Package dependencies analysis
    • Cytoscape for Class, Method dependencies analysis
    • D3.js for custom layout in Dashboard
    • bizcharts for badsmell overview
  • lint:ESLint
  • build tool:yarn

Local setup

cd archguard
yarn install
yarn start

Docker setup

cd archguard
docker build -t archguard-frontend:latest .
docker run -it --rm -p 3000:80 archguard-frontend:latest

Graph Engine

  • Antv/g6, for Package dependencies
    • with ant-design/charts
  • Cytoscape, for Class & Method dependencies
    • ext: darge, cola, fcose, elk


@ 2019~2022 Thoughtworks. This code is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.

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ArchGuard 前端部分 - 架构评估、架构适应度函数展示、依赖展示等。

License:MIT License


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