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Chrome extension for studying languages with watching movies and TV shows

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Learn languages with fun 🎉

Browser extension for learning languages with watching movies and TV shows.


The extension supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex browser. Should work in other browsers with WebExtensions API support, but has not been tested yet.

Release version available on Chrome Web Store.

chrome store

Will be available soon in other stores.

Install dev version

  1. Download and unzip current repository
  2. Open extensions page:
    • For Chrome: chrome://extensions/
    • For Firefox: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox
    • For Opera: opera://extensions
    • For Yandex browser: browser://tune/
  3. Turn on developer mode (for all except Yandex browser)
  4. Load unpacked extension:
    • For Chrome and Opera: Click to Load unpacked button and select dist folder
    • For Firefox: Click to Load temporary Add-on... button and select dist folder
    • For Yandex browser: Drag and drop dist folder to extensions page

To upgrade you have to download the new version again.


Integration with multiple video services

The list of services will expand at the request of users.
To use the plugin, you must have a subscription to the desired service.

Now supported:

Word and full subtitle translation

Just hover over the word you want to translate it, the video will automatically pause and start when you remove the cursor from the subtitles.
In the translation popup of the word, you can see alternative translations with the frequency of use. word translation

Click on subtitles for translation all text. word translation

Export words to learning services

The list of services will expand at the request of users.

Now supported:

For export to work, you must be logged in to learning service in the same browser. Then select the desired service in the extension settings.

word translation

After which a ➕(plus) icon will appear near the words of the translation, by clicking on which the word is exported to the selected service.

word translation

Rewind to previous and next subtitle

Rewind to previous subtitle by press ⬅️ left arrow.
Rewind to next subtitle by press ➡️ right arrow.

Rewind works only if the next/previous subtitle is less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, rewinds for 5 seconds.
For force rewind to next/previous subtitle use alt (option for macOS) + arrow button.

word translation

Subtitles progress bar

At the bottom of the player, there is a subtitles progress bar to simplify navigation between subtitles.
Click on the progress bar to rewind the video to the desired point.

word translation

Subtitles settings and custom subtitles

The extension allows you to adjust the size of the subtitles and their delay. The default subtitle delay step is 0.25 seconds.
alt (option for macOS) + click the ➕ or ➖ buttons changes the delay by 1 second.
shift + click the ➕ or ➖ buttons changes the delay by 5 seconds.

You can also upload your custom subtitles if they are not on the video service, supported srt and vtt formats.

word translation

Addition features

  • Show all available audio tracks and subtitles on Netflix regardless of region.


We are open to community help.
To report a bug or feature offer, create issue and describe the question in detail.

You can also implement the desired feature and send a pull request. We recommend discussing the feature in issues tracker before implementation. This will help reduce your time.

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Chrome extension for studying languages with watching movies and TV shows

License:MIT License


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