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React Hooks + Context API Todo Example

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React Hooks + Context API Todo App Example

React 16.x version has important features, hooks. So, while writing the examples for "hooks," I wrote an example of replacing a store like Redux using the Context API.

Installation With Run

$ npm install
$ npm run start

Tech Stacks

  • TypeScript
  • React 16.x
  • Hooks
  • Context API

Use Pattern

  • Atomic Design
  • Containers, Presentationals Pattern

Folder Structure

  • src
    • assets: common styles and public assets
    • components: layout components
      • atoms: element layouts
      • molecules: grouping layouts
      • organisms: molecules + atoms + etc layouts
      • templates: page template css
    • containers: state, data components
    • models: model interface
    • store: global store (use context api)
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React Hooks + Context API Todo Example


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