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DEPRECATED - Discord Rich Presence support for Garry's Mod!

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Stuck on Initializing

TinkleTingler opened this issue · comments


Here is the console to my server.

[Discord RPC] HTTP loaded, trying to init [Discord RPC] Finding port [Discord RPC] Connection success on port 6463! [Discord RPC] First SetActivity test was successful, ready to work! [Discord RPC] Loading states: Loaded: discordrpc/states/default.lua Loaded: discordrpc/states/example.lua

I believe I followed the instructions as is. The only thing I can think of being a problem is the fact I renamed darkrp gamemode to civilwar.


I've also noticed this problem on my own. Basically you can only set the presence once and that's it, I'm not quite sure why that is. I think Discord might have broken something, I'll try asking them.

Same issue with myself, and what seems like the library MonolithRP use. Seems Discord Changed some stuff


I looked a little bit at the docs and nothing seems to have changed, weird.