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DEPRECATED - Discord Rich Presence support for Garry's Mod!

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tomekb530 opened this issue · comments

I've actually made the addon doing same thing on workshop, you will be mad if it will be on workshop ?

I am not using your code btw


Well I'll be upset because eventually I was planning to perfect it and add default states for various gamemodes, so it'll feel like you're stealing the spotlight from me, but if you did make your own version from scratch I guess it can't be helped. It's to be expected when things are open source I suppose

if you want i can delete my version, i found this a few hours after publishing mine on steam ;-;


I've ironed the most annoying bug out and am currently adding support for various gamemodes by default to post on the workshop, so I don't know. I'd like it if you did but you don't have to.

Okay so i'll delete my version :D