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Discord Rich Presence support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

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is this possible?

claire-rouge opened this issue · comments

making it so when starting the rich presence you also start the game (idunno if its possible since steam game)

(like gw2 rich presence does https://gw2rpc.info/)

and make it so when you die, you dont show the friendly's stats on ur discord when ur specating them when ded ingame, would be cool


Yeah, there's a lot of issues with this. I'll add something like OP for my new project.

no problem, loving the rich presence so far, people can see how much I suck now :D


I'm more surprised you got it working

hehe, have some people struggled to get the program working before?
the program even tells you what to do, the read me text that follows with also tells you what to do, its even stated in the manual(on the github site) where to place files for the rich presence to get ur stats lol

if people struggle with this, they should have seen the creative ways to get ur music to be seen on discord before rich presence was a thing with python+snip
just installing python and setting up the plugins the first time was harder than getting this program to start


It seemed like the script was broken for them or that the .exe had missing modules

ah, I didnt have that problem, neither had a friend of mine that installed it yesterday