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Arcade Car Physics - Vehicle Simulation for Unity3D

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My attempts to make a fun vehicle physics and arcade control. The primary goal was to make a vehicle controller which is easy to set up and fun to play with. I'm pretty happy with the results. This approach can be used for games like GTA, Rocket League or Flatout.

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Warning: This is not a final product! This is only my thoughts on the topic.

You can download precompiled demo from releases page:

Demo video available:

Key things:

  • Speed Curve (instead of complicated engine settings)

  • Stable Suspension

  • Stablizier Bar Forces

  • Ackermann Steering

  • Downforce

  • Normalized Tire laterial friction

  • Handbrakes

  • In-flight vehicle stabilization

This demo is made using Unity game engine. It should be easy to implement this algorithm on any other game/physics engine.

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HDR Envirnoment map from HDRI HAVEN

Terrain textures from

Traffic cone from "Barrier & Traffic Cone Pack" by Sabri Ayes

Vehicle from "Muscle car 1969 Vehicle Physics (dirty and clean)" by Konstantin Koval

Barrel from "Crate and Barrels" by Kobra Game Studios

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Arcade Car Physics - Vehicle Simulation for Unity3D

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