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Portainer templates for selfhosted services

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You can use this visual builder to create templates and submit PRs to this repo if they work: Shipwright it's currently pretty early in development but should be able to take portainer templates (that don't have type 2 or 3 templates) and import them for editing.

Currently most of my dev time is being spent on Yacht if you would like something added please consider making a pull request with your addition and I'll work on getting it added when I'm able to. Information about how to structure a block (for an app) is available here and there is a gui builder here

Portainer Templates for Selfhosted Projects/Homelabs

This is a template focused on helping people spin up selfhosted services using Portainer and Yacht.


The following table shows the corresponding url to use for the application you're using.

Application URL
Yacht (arm)
Portainer v1 (no OMV)
Portainer v2 (no OMV)
Portainer v1 OMV
Portainer v2 OMV


  1. A server/NAS with docker installed
  2. A Portainer/Yacht setup.

Want something we don't have? Make an issue and we'll work on adding it


  1. Login to the Web-UI for the corresponding project.
  2. Navigate to the area where you add a template (in portainer you'll need to enable external templates)
  3. Add the template URL corresponding to the application you're using in the table above.


All templates are already configured to bind mount to various places on your drive. This branch works without the need for OMV. The following folders are all created in /portainer/

  • Files - General file storage.
    • AppData - Subfolder where application data (unrelated to served data) is stored.
      • Config - Subfolder where configuration files for every container are stored.
  • Downloads - Where bittorrent and usenet downloaders download files to.
  • TV - Where tv shows are stored/moved to after downloaded.
  • Movies - Where movies are stored/moved to after downloaded.
  • Music - Where music is stored/moved to after downloaded.
  • Books - Where books are stored/moved to after downloaded.
  • Comics - Where comics are stored/moved to after downloaded.
  • Podcasts - Where podcasts are stored/moved to after downloaded.

App List

  • Guacamole
  • Homer
  • Wikijs
  • Bazarr
  • Jellyfin
  • Bitwarden_rs
  • Pi-Hole
  • Whoogle
  • Mstream
  • Filebrowser
  • YouTubeDL-Material
  • DashMachine
  • Reactive-Resume
  • LibreSpeed
  • DeeMix
  • Nginx Proxy Manager
  • Organizrv2
  • TiddlyWiki
  • Watchtower
  • transmission-openvpn
  • airsonic
  • beets
  • booksonic
  • bookstack
  • calibre-web
  • cardigann
  • Chevereto
  • codiad
  • cops
  • couchpotato
  • daapd
  • davos
  • deluge
  • domoticz
  • duckdns
  • duplicati
  • freshrss
  • gazee
  • headphones
  • heimdall
  • htpcmanager
  • jackett
  • kodi-headless
  • lazylibrarian
  • letsencrypt
  • libresonic
  • lidarr
  • lychee
  • mariadb
  • mcmyadmin
  • medusa
  • minetest
  • minisatip
  • musicbrainz
  • muximux
  • mylar
  • nextcloud
  • nginx
  • nzbget
  • nzbhydra
  • ombi
  • openvpn-as
  • oscam
  • photoshow
  • piwigo
  • plex
  • plexrequests
  • projectsend
  • pydio
  • qbittorrent
  • quassel-core
  • radarr
  • resilio-sync
  • rutorrent
  • sabnzbd
  • Seafile
  • sickchill
  • smokeping
  • sonarr
  • syncthing
  • tautulli
  • thelounge
  • transmission
  • tt-rss
  • tvheadend
  • ubooquity
  • unifi
  • webgrabplus
  • znc


If you wish to contribute make a pull request, create an issue, or email me.


  • NASHosted - Current Work
  • SelfhostedPro - Current Work
  • Jos Visser - Initial work - Qballjos

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


  • for the old Template
  • Inspiration being too lazy to create each container template manualy


Portainer templates for selfhosted services

License:GNU General Public License v3.0