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A tiny rock, paper, scissors implementation in ECS

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

A tiny implementation of rock, paper, scissors in ECS!

Link to Flecs:

How to build

Just compile the sources. Make sure to compile flecs.c as C and main.cpp as C++ code. The following commands will build the project with GCC:

gcc flecs.c -c -o flecs.o
g++ main.cpp flecs.o -o rock_paper_scissors

How to play

$ ./rock_paper_scissors
rock, paper, scissors? paper
AI is scissors, you lose!

player.has(beats, ai)?

Yes! The game uses ECS relations to store the who-beats-who graph. Just like components, relations are things that can be added to entities, and that can be queried for.

This is just showing the top of the tip of the iceberg of what relations can do, make sure to check this out if you'd like to know more!

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A tiny rock, paper, scissors implementation in ECS


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