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:anchor: A curated list of awesome git hooks

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Awesome Git Hooks
Awesome Git Hooks

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Awesome Git Hooks

Easy-to-use git hooks for automating tasks during git workflows.

Git hooks are custom scripts you can use to automate tasks which are triggered before or after a git command is executed. There are two groups of these hooks: client-side and server-side. Client-side hooks are triggered by operations such as committing and merging, while server-side hooks run on network operations such as receiving pushed commits. This repo contains helpful resources as well as a variety of git hook scripts that can be easily customized to serve different purposes.

✔️ Nothing to install/download

✔️ Code is well-documented

✔️ Grab & go! Copy the code you want to use and paste into your .git/hooks folder

Contributions are always welcome! Please see our Contribution Guidelines. Also, if you don't find the script you want below, you can create a new issue to request it.


Git Hook Scripts

Note: The icon next to each script signifies what language it is written in.

icon language icon language
Bash Icon bash Perl Icon perl
Python Icon python


  • enforce-insert-issue-number - Make sure user did not delete the ISSUE-[#] string that was generated by prepare-commit-msg/insert-issue-number.hook. Python Icon


  • delete-pyc-files - Delete all .pyc files every time a new branch is checked out. Python Icon
  • new-branch-alert - Display a message when a new branch is checked out for the first time. Bash Icon


  • update-server-info - Prepare a packed repository for use over dumb transports (e.g. http). Bash Icon




  • prevent-bad-push - Prevent push of commits where the log message starts with "WIP" (work in progress). Bash Icon


  • prevent-rebase - Prevent topic branches that are already merged to 'next' branch from getting rebased, because allowing it would result in rebasing already published history. Bash Icon


  • fsmonitor-watchman - Output to stdout all files that have been modified since a given time. Perl Icon


  • update - Block unannotated tags from entering. Bash Icon

Quick Start

  1. Pick a hook, any hook! Try the "verify-name-and-email" one if you're not sure where to start.
  2. Navigate to your project's hooks folder (.git/hooks).
  3. You should see a list of files already in there. Create a new file called the exact commit type that you want to use (eg: "commit-msg", "pre-rebase", "pre-commit", etc). Do not give it an extension.

create new file

  1. Open your new file and paste the code from the hook you chose out of this repo (eg: verify-name-and-email.hook).
  2. Save file. Done! Now the git hook will be triggered automatically.


  • Husky - Manage git hooks with a nice user interface.

  • Overcommit - A fully configurable and extendable git hook manager.

  • Git Hooks - Manage project, user, and global git hooks more easily.

  • CaptainHook - Git hooks manager for PHP developers.

  • pre-commit - A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.

Written Guides

Video Guides


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 1.0 International License.

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:anchor: A curated list of awesome git hooks



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