ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK (Protocol1.0/2.0)

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Dynamixel SDK

The ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK is a software development kit that provides Dynamixel control functions using packet communication. The API is designed for Dynamixel actuators and Dynamixel-based platforms. For more information on Dynamixel SDK, please refer to the e-manual below.

Supported Programming Languages

DynamixelSDK supports various programming languages.

  • C: *Dynamic library and source code of this library and examples
  • C# / Java / MATLAB / LabVIEW: Support based on dynamic library using C language
  • C++: *Dynamic library and source code of this library and examples
  • Python: Python module and examples (* Dynamic library (*.dll, *.so, and *.dylib files) / .dll: dynamic-link library on Windows / .so: shared object on Linux / .dylib: dynamic library on MacOS)

For more information on ROS Packages for Dynamixel SDK, please refer to the ROS wiki pages below.


ROBOTIS Dynamixel SDK (Protocol1.0/2.0)

License:Apache License 2.0


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