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Gatling DSE Plugin

This project is a plugin for the Gatling load injector. It adds CQL support in Gatling for Datastax Enterprise. It allows for benchmarking Datastax Enterprise features, including DSE Graph Fluent API.


To build this plugin, you will need Java 8 or later and SBT.

During development, start an SBT shell by just running sbt and keep it open. Then, run compile to compile the sources and test to execute all unit tests.

Before checking in any new file, make sure the licence headers have been added by running headerCheck in the SBT shell. To add them automatically in all newly created file, run headerCreate in the SBT shell.

To build the plugin as an uberjar, run sbt assembly. The plugin jar will be in the target/scala-2.12/ directory.


With a Gatling bundle

Build the plugin as an uberjar. Copy it into Gatling lib folder.

With other build systems

You may also rely on Gatling Maven or Gradle plugins to launch your tests. In this case, include the plugin as a dependency in your project.

More Information on Usage

Gatling documentation is available at the following locations:


This project was inspired by Mikhail Stepura (Mishail's project GatlingCql).

It has been developped by Brad Vernon (ibspoof) and improved by the following contributors:

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