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System Tray Icon for PySimpleGUI (the tkinter version). Adds a system tray icon by using pystray and PIL

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Add a System Tray Icon to your tkinter port of PySimpleGUI.


Installation is via pip:

python -m pip install psgtray

or if you need to upgrade later:

python -m pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir psgtray

Adding To Your PySimpleGUI Program

This is a copy of the demo program that can be found in the PySimpleGUI Project's Demo Program folder.

import PySimpleGUI as sg
from psgtray import SystemTray

    A System Tray Icon courtesy of pystray and your friends at PySimpleGUI
    Import the SystemTray object with this line of code:
    from psgtray import SystemTray

    Key for the system tray icon is: 
        tray = SystemTray()
    values[key] contains the menu item chosen.
    One trick employed here is to change the window's event to be the event from the System Tray.
    Copyright PySimpleGUI 2021

def main():

    menu = ['', ['Show Window', 'Hide Window', '---', '!Disabled Item', 'Change Icon', ['Happy', 'Sad', 'Plain'], 'Exit']]
    tooltip = 'Tooltip'

    layout = [[sg.Text('My PySimpleGUI Celebration Window - X will minimize to tray')],
              [sg.T('Double clip icon to restore or right click and choose Show Window')],
              [sg.T('Icon Tooltip:'), sg.Input(tooltip, key='-IN-', s=(20,1)), sg.B('Change Tooltip')],
              [sg.Multiline(size=(60,10), reroute_stdout=False, reroute_cprint=True, write_only=True, key='-OUT-')],
              [sg.Button('Go'), sg.B('Hide Icon'), sg.B('Show Icon'), sg.B('Hide Window'), sg.Button('Exit')]]

    window = sg.Window('Window Title', layout, finalize=True, enable_close_attempted_event=True)

    tray = SystemTray(menu, single_click_events=False, window=window, tooltip=tooltip, icon=sg.DEFAULT_BASE64_ICON)
    tray.show_message('System Tray', 'System Tray Icon Started!')
    while True:
        event, values =

        # IMPORTANT step. It's not required, but convenient. Set event to value from tray
        # if it's a tray event, change the event variable to be whatever the tray sent
        if event == tray.key:
            sg.cprint(f'System Tray Event = ', values[event], c='white on red')
            event = values[event]       # use the System Tray's event as if was from the window

        if event in (sg.WIN_CLOSED, 'Exit'):

        sg.cprint(event, values)
        tray.show_message(title=event, message=values)

        if event in ('Show Window', sg.EVENT_SYSTEM_TRAY_ICON_DOUBLE_CLICKED):
        elif event in ('Hide Window', sg.WIN_CLOSE_ATTEMPTED_EVENT):
            tray.show_icon()        # if hiding window, better make sure the icon is visible
            # tray.notify('System Tray Item Chosen', f'You chose {event}')
        elif event == 'Happy':
        elif event == 'Sad':
        elif event == 'Plain':
        elif event == 'Hide Icon':
        elif event == 'Show Icon':
        elif event == 'Change Tooltip':

    tray.close()            # optional but without a close, the icon may "linger" until moused over

if __name__ == '__main__':


The Windows implementation is working well. The Linux GTK version, not as well.

Updating the Menu after initial creation is not yet supported.


In order to use this pacakge you'll also need these packages:

  • PySimpleGUI
  • pystray (licensed under LGPL3)

Currently only versions <= 0.18.0 of pystray are supported

Release Notes

psgtray 1.0.2 12-Jan-2022

  • Changed pypi setup to indicate version of pystray needs to be <= 0.18.0

psgtray 1.0.1 21-Jun-2021

  • Initial Release

Designed and written by

mike from


Like the PySimpleGUI project, the psgtray project is currently licensed under an open-source license, the project itself is structured like a proprietary product. Pull Requests are not accepted.


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 3) +


Copyright 2021 PySimpleGUI

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System Tray Icon for PySimpleGUI (the tkinter version). Adds a system tray icon by using pystray and PIL

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Python 100.0%