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Cross-platform Python global emote picker to quickly insert custom images/gifs

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A cross-platform Python global emote picker to quickly insert custom images/gifs

Motivation: Poor Man's Discord Nitro


pingmote demo

How It Works

  • Since Discord autoembeds images, we can paste in links to custom emotes
  • The emote picker GUI is written in Python, with global hotkeys for activation

Getting Started

  • Clone this repo: git clone or download as a zip and extract
  • Change into the pingmote directory (make sure you can see
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install dependencies (pip3 if needed)


  • Running python3 (Mac and Linux: sudo python3 starts the script, and when you hit the hotkey at the top of (default ctrl+q), the emote picker will show up, allowing you to click an emote to insert
  • Hit the hotkey again to toggle the GUI, and drag the GUI somewhere convenient


  • Check for configs

Adding Your Own Emotes

  • Sorry for this being a bit complicated, I'm working on simplifying the workflow
  • Drop files in assets/original, then run which will resize all the images (ignoring gifs) and drop them in assets/resized
  • Gif resizing (disabled by default) requires gifsicle, but a website like ezgif also works
  • Resize gifs to 64x64 and drop them in assets/original (they'll be ignored when the resizer is run)
  • Upload files from assets/resized to an image hoster (I like postimages). Copy the direct image links (ending in file extension) and paste in links.txt
  • Note: Imgur doesn't work currently, since Imgur links don't contain the original filename
  • Some emote sources (right click > save image):,,


  • Since this program relies on autoembedding, we can't use inline emotes or reacts
  • Pretty much only Discord works (Facebook Messenger and Slack make embeds ugly)
  • On Windows, renaming the file extension to pingmote.pyw allows for running the script in the background, and then it can be dropped into shell:startup
  • Windows should work out of the box, Mac and Linux may require jumping through some hoops
  • The Apple M1 chip is currently unsupported (bus error)
  • On Linux, if you get the error KeyError: 'XDG_SESSION_TYPE', set the environment variable by running

    sudo XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 python3


  • Better ordering of emotes (categorization, etc.)
  • Simplify install process
  • Simplify the process for adding new emotes
  • Emote deletion in GUI
  • Ensure gif thumbnail isn't blank (not fully sure how to do this)
  • Search emotes by keyword (would require files to be named, since most of my files now are just a bunch of numbers)

Reasons you should still buy Discord Nitro

  • Support Discord!
  • Inline emotes/gifs, keyboard shortcuts by name (ex: :emote_name:)
  • React with emotes
  • Other nitro benefits!


  • Thanks to Luke Tong for cross-platform GUI and clipboard testing
  • Thanks to Stephane Morel for Windows testing
  • Thanks to Brazil-0034 for adding support for non-destructive pasting

Progress Timeline

  • Initial method (50 lines): xclip for copying local images, xdotool for pasting and keyboard commands
  • Switched to PyAutoGUI for keyboard simulation, xdotool no longer needed
  • Wrote for locally resizing images
  • Uploaded images to postimages; simplified copy pasting of links only and not image data (removed all subprocess calls)
  • Added frequents section for favorite emotes
  • Added feature to open the GUI near the mouse cursor
  • Cleaned up links for better file to link mapping
  • Switched to pynput for cross-platform global hotkey mapping, fully removed PyAutoGUI dependencies
  • Added section labels and ability to separate images and gifs
  • Switched to keyboard from pynput to fix hotkey blocking behavior (after 3 weeks of zero progress)
  • Cleaned up
  • Shifted configs to separate file


MIT License

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Cross-platform Python global emote picker to quickly insert custom images/gifs

License:MIT License


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