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List of matplotlib user-contributed packages. These are served at

To add your package to the list, create a YAML file your-cool-mpl-package.yml with the following fields:

repo: matplotlib/cmocean
section: colormaps
description: Perceptually uniform colormaps for commonly-used oceanographic variables
site: # optional, default repo site
keywords:  # optional,
pypi_name:  # optional, default repo name
conda_package:  # optional
conda_channel:  # optional, default conda-forge

Either fork this repo and add the new file to the packages directory, or use the Add File button above. Then open a pull request with the new file.

Note: The name of the yml file and the name of the repo should ideally match.

The section entry should be one of the sections listed in ./section_names.yml.


The list of yml files in packages/ is parsed by python/ using template.rst and the result is saved to docs/source/packages.rst. This script is called by docs/Makefile using make html. This runs a sphinx-build and makes the page at build/html/index.html.

This was heavily based on the nice work at

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