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Cocos creator extension with Vue3 + tsx

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Project Title

An extension that shows how to open and communicate with the panel through messages and menus. The panel is based on Vue3.x.

Development Environment



# Install dependent modules
yarn install
# build
yarn build


After enabling the extension, click Panel -> tiny-inspector -> Default Panel in the main menu bar to open the default panel of the extension.

To send a message to the default panel, click Developer -> tiny-inspector -> Send Message to Panel at the top of the menu. If the default panel exists, the hello method of the panel will be called.

After clicking Send Message to Panel, a message send-to-panel will be sent to the extension as defined by in package.json. When the extension receives the send-to-panel message, it will cause the default panel to call the hello method as defined by contributions.messages in package.json.


Cocos creator extension with Vue3 + tsx


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