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Next.js starter for TinaCMS: live edit your website visually 🪄

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Tina Starter 🦙


This Next.js starter is powered by TinaCMS for you and your team to visually live edit the structured content of your website.

The content is managed through Markdown and JSON files stored in your GitHub repository, and queried through Tina GraphQL API.

Getting Started

Follow our starter guide to setup live editing with Tina


  • Tina Headless CMS for authentication, content modeling, visual editing and team management.
  • Cloudinary to manage your media.
  • Vercel deployment to visually edit your site from the /admin route.
  • Local development workflow from the filesystem with a local GraqhQL server.


Local development

Install the project's dependencies:

yarn install

Run the project locally:

yarn dev

Local URLs

Getting Help

TinaCMS backend is in public beta, you might face issues, to provide feedback or get help with any challenges you may have:

Development tips

Visual Studio Code GraphQL extension

Install the GraphQL extension to benefit from type auto-completion.


A good way to ensure your components match the shape of your data is to leverage the auto-generated TypeScript types. These are rebuilt when your .tina config changes.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


Next.js starter for TinaCMS: live edit your website visually 🪄


License:Apache License 2.0


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