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Office365 transport for Laravel

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Laravel Microsoft Graph Mail driver - Mail Driver for Office365

Mail driver for the Laravel framework to send emails using Microsoft Graph without user authentication and SMTP. Only specify the E-Mail-Address in the FROM-Header of the E-Mail and this Office 365 Package will send the E-Mail trough the Microsoft Graph-Api and put the sent E-Mail in the sender's Mailbox sent folder.

Key features:

  • Send E-Mails with the Microsoft Graph-Api instead of the SMTP driver
  • Automatically puts the E-Mail in the Sent folder of the user in the From-Header
  • One Application per Organization
  • Supports multiple Domains
  • Supports large file attachments
  • Faster and Error-less than the Office-365 SMTP

To use this package you have to register your application here. More informations here.

Install the Package

You can install the package with Composer, either run composer require motze92/office365-mail, or edit your composer.json file:

  "require": {
    "motze92/office365-mail": "^2.0"

Laravel < 7

For Larevel 6 and earlier please use

  "require": {
    "motze92/office365-mail": "^1.0"

To publish the config file use this command:

php  artisan  vendor:publish  --tag=office365mail


To obtain needed config values use this instructions:

  • Open the Azure Active Directory-Portal) with your Office365 Admin-User
  • Open the Section Manage > App-Registrations
  • Create a new App
  • Within the App under Manage > API-Permissions > Application Permissions add the Mail.ReadWrite and the Mail.Send permission (Microsoft Graph > Application Permissions > Mail > Mail.ReadWrite and Microsoft Graph > Application Permissions > Mail > Mail.Send)
  • After saving the permission apply the Admin-Permission for your organization
  • In the Section Manage > Certificates and Secrets create a new Client Secret with Expiration = never, this you need later for the .env - Variable OFFICE365MAIL_CLIENT_SECRET

The Mail.ReadWrite Permission is needed when sending large attachments (>4MB).

.env - File


config/mail.php - add to mailer configuration array (https://github.com/laravel/laravel/blob/7.x/config/mail.php)

'office365mail' => [
            'transport' => 'office365mail',


Moritz Mair, Matthias Radmüller, Merlin Mayr

Copyright and license

Copyright (c) Moritz Mair. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the MIT license.


Office365 transport for Laravel

License:MIT License


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