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Custom Dark GUI Theme CSS for Danbooru.Donmai.us Website (2022) v1.0.0



Windows desktop toolbar



Windows system utilities to maximize productivity



An Instagram download application for Windows, Mac & Linux



A free and open-source (FOSS) Web browser extension that restores the user's ability to right-click on ALL visual media rendered on any as many website pages as possible by overriding the web page's integrated code and scripts that block all users visiting the website from opening their browser's mouse cursor right-click pop-out menu normally including a full list of clickable web page visual media asset/element/file interaction-commands list dropdown sub-menu after right-clicking on any graphical image or video asset being displayed/rendered anywhere within the web-page's frontend user interface. TLDR: This extension allows its users to use their right-click-activated Web browser page-interaction function commands list dropdown menu to perform all normal, universal, standardized webpage visual media asset or file interaction command, including using the "save as" commands to download the full, original-size, image, animated image loop, video clip, large video file, and all GUI art and picture elements displayed on any website page even if the page's code would normally block the right-click commands sub-menu entirely.